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When should your child first see a dentist ?

You can take your child at a younger age but it’s recommended to take him/her within 6 months of the first tooth come in ( erupted ).

In this important dental visit we will give you the necessary information you should know about baby bottel tooth decay, home care instructions and avoiding any bad oral habits.


In our center children are treated by our pedodontist in a child friendly environment, after the first visit of examination we will explain to you more about your kid’s dental status which might be great and doesn’t need any intervention or he/she might need one of the following procuders :

– White Fillings : we use it to restore teeth after small to medium decay removal

– Preventive treatments: they are protective prouceders to prevent tooth decay beside home care : 1. Fissure sealants : its an application of a thin layer of sealant to your childs molars. It helps to prevent food from geting stuked on molars

2.Fluoride application ( topical fluoride therapy ) : highly concentrated fluoride , is applied it to teeth surfaces which make the teeth stronger against acidic attac done by bacteria. There are maney types of fluoride we can use ( varnish , gel , rinse ) we will choose what it best for you child.

– Nerve (pulp) treatment :Heavily destructed and decayed teeth might need extraction or in some situations we can save those teeth by nerve treatment (pulp treatment)

1-Partial pulp treatment (pulpotomy)

2-Complete pulp treatment ( pulpoctomy)

In cases of severe tooth decay it’s advisable to do partial nerve treatment and avoid placement of deep filling over the pulp such as cases of heavily decayed teeth but with no evidence of abscess in the area related to the tooth.

We would perform a complete nerve treatment in cases with abscess , a procedure called pulpectomy. It’s almost the same as doing root canal treatment to the permanent teeth, with minor differences.

– Crowns
Mainly we use after nerved treatment stainless steel crowns to strengthen the tooth and avoid further destruction of the available tooth structure. In some cases parents would appreciate a tooth like colored crowns which can be discussed with the parents before performing the treatment.

– Space maintainers : its an appliance that maintains spaces between teeth in areas of extracted teeth to keep the space for permenant teeth as it erupts into the oral cavity.

– Thumb sucking appliance: you child may have a bad habit like thumb sucking , this habit will effect the growth of teeth and cause problems in you child’s bite, therefore we can fabricate a customized removable appliance with a special design to hinder the kid putting his finger between his incisors.

– Dental treatment under general anesthesia: in case of uncooprative patients we make a full treatment in one session under general anesthesia in hospital under professional team monitoring during the dental procedure. You can discuss your kids treatment needs after his/her initial exam.

Cases were treated in our center